Deck  60" - 60"RD - 66" - 72"


 Horsepower  31 - 37
 Ignition  Electronic
 Eletrical System  12 volt
 Fuel Capacity  45.4 L (12 gal)
 Ground Speed  Forward 22.5 kph (15 mph)
 Reverse 12.1 kph (7.5 mph)
 Blade Tip Speed

 18.630 fpm (60")
 18.630 fpm (60"RD)
 18.230 fpm (66")
 18.530 fpm (72")

 Cutting Heights  2540mm to 140mm, 6mm
 (1 inch to 5.5 inches in  .25in  increments)

mataway dethatcher
Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 3 Plant 4 Plant 5 Plant 6
Plant 7 Plant 8 Plant 9 Plant 10

Super Z™

  The Hustler Super Z™ is in a class by itself. Literally. The Industrial-Grade Super Z is built like a tank and rides like a thoroughbred - with a top speed of 24 kph. The new HyperDrive™ hydraulic system is engineered to run at higher psi levels than any other mower on the market. Its VX4™ deck technology delivers a clean cut and finish that complements its industrial muscle. The Super Z is backed by Hustler's longer Industrial-Grade warranty, not found on any other zero-turn mower. When you want the toughest, most capable mower, climb aboard the Super Z.

3D Animation

Hustler Super Z zero turn mower Video

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 Deck  Length  Width  Tire-to-Tire  Height  Weight
 60"  2160mm (85")  1680mm (66")  1450mm (57")  1370mm (54")  687Kg (1515lbs)
 66"  2160mm (85")  1830mm (72")  1520mm (60")  1370mm (54")  708Kg (1560lbs)
 72"  2200mm (87")  1980mm (78")  1520mm (60")  1370mm (54")  726Kg (1600lbs)


- HyperDriveTM Hydro System--Industrial Grade Pumps and Motors
- VX4TM Deck Technology provides the best finished appearance period!
- New 60", 66", or 72" side discharge decks

- 60" rear-discharge decks
- Simple design
- SmoothTrak Steering - responsive precise control
- 31 / 37 HP Kawasaki engine
- 15 MPH (24 kph)
- Flex Forks



* 5 year 3000 hours on pumps and motors!
* Limited Lifetime warranty on the frame and leading edge of the deck (original purchaser only)
* 3 year no hour limit - 3rd year parts only OR 5 year / 500 hour on pro-sumer

(see your local hustler dealer for complete warranty details)



Mulch Kit
Nearly every Hustler deck has an optional Mulch Kit. No more handling clippings. Recycle them back into the soil and reclaim nutrients.

Hitch Kit
Bolt-on hitch with 7/8-inch hole. Will accept any standard ball.

Flex Forks
Shock-absorbing front-caster forks that improve operator comfort and provide a more even cut especially over uneven terrain and at higher speeds. Flex Forks fit nearly any Hustler z-rider.

Steering Extension Kit
Steering levers can be adjusted in several ways to make your mowing experience as comfortable as possible.

3-Bag Catcher
Easy-on, easy-off blower and hopper assemblies. The 3-bag catcher holds 422 litres.

Light Kit
Work later with our optional Light Kit. Fits Mini FasTrak, FasTrak, FasTrak SD, Hustler Z, and Super Z.

Hydro Deck Lift
Raise and lower the deck with the flip of a switch. Fits Hustler Z, Super Z and ATZ.

GatorTM Blades
Patented Mulching blade design

Wavy Blades
Improved performance for mulching

Hear From Owners

"I mowed with five different mid-mount mowers before I bought my Super Z. In my opinion, Hustler is number one. A lot of thought and engineering was put in this product."
- S. Mueller, Swansea, IL

Part's Manual (IPL) Owner's Manual
Service Manual