Reel  5" - 7"


 Horsepower  36
 Fuel Capacity  71.9 L (19 gal)
 Ground Speed  Forward 10 kph (6.2 mph)
 Reverse 11.9 kph (7.4 mph)
 G. Speed (low)  Reverse 7 kph (4.4 mph)
 Transport  17 kph (10.6 mph)
 Cutting Width  2540mm (100 inches)
 5" Cutting Heights

 6 mm to 25 mm (.25 inch to  1.0 inches)

 7" Cutting Heights  7 mm to 32 mm (.28 inch to  1.26 inches)

hustler 7700 fairway mower


  At Hustler we try to keep things simple. So if it doesn't help mow grass, it's not on this machine. The result is a lightweight fairway mower with minimum electronics and fewer problems. The Hustler 7000 series is not only easy to maintain and operate, it delivers a superior quality of cut for a beautiful finish. These mowers also feature full-time and auto four-wheel drive with a tilt and telescoping steering wheel for added operator comfort. Maintaining your beautiful golf course and your equipment has never been so simple.


 Reel  Length
Max Width Height Dry Weight Wet Weight
 5" dia  2690mm
1340 kg
(2954 lbs)
1424 kg
(3139 lbs)
7" dia  2690mm
1340 kg
(2954 lbs)
1424 kg
(3139 lbs)


- 36HP 3 cylinder Shibaura diesel engine - compact and easy to maintain
- Backlapping feature is standard on 7500 and 7700 models
- Wet disc brakes are inside axle housing running in oil, no corrosion, sticking or overheating
- Adjustable rear roller down pressure to allow best mow speed and quality finish
- Steering column: The column tilts and telescopes for comfort and safer operation
- Low noise level for operator and bystanders
- Easy cutting height adjustment and bedknife set-up
- The durable cutting units are easy to adjust and maintain
- 19 gallon diesel tank, ultra low sulfur diesel (Approved for B5 - 5% Biodiesel)
- Easy access to all filters and drains for oil, hydraulics and fuel
- Spring loaded tapered roller bearings on reels, eliminates setting of bearing clearance
- Minimal electronics for improved reliability.
- Individual reel motor shutoff valves for backlapping convenience.
- Front or rear clipping discharge convertibility on both 5 inch and 7 inch diameter cutting heads.


Number of Blades:

5 inch reel - 7 blades
7 inch reel - 7, 9, or 11 blades

Reel Rotation:

2000 rpm (5 inch reel)
1400 rpm (7 inch reel)


    * 3 year limited warranty
    * 3 year limited engine warranty


(*see your local hustler dealer for complete warranty details)



Rear-Roller Scraper

Front-Roller Scraper

High Height of Cut Kit

20mm-50mm (
.79" - 2")

Powered Rear Roller Brush Kit

Hear From Owners

"I am very pleased with the performance of our Hustler 7700 Fairway mowers. Exceptional cut while dropping our fuel costs by 33% over our previous units. On top of that, the service and attention that our dealer and Hustler Turf Equipment has provided us is second to none."
- B. Miller, Superintendent - Tulare Golf Course

Part's Manual (IPL) Owner's Manual


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