Reel  5"

 Briggs & Stratton

 Horsepower  18
 Fuel Capacity  26.5 L (7 gal)
 Ground Speed
 15.3 kph (9.5 mph)
 Ground Speed
 8 kph (5 mph)

mataway dethatcher
Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 3 Plant 4 Plant 5


  The Hustler 1500 Triplex will score an ace with every member of your team. Convenient control location allows the operator to drive with ease. The equipment manager gains a durable machine with simple open design for ease of maintenance. A mower that allows changing the pitch of the bedknife, gives the superintendent multiple ways to attack the green. Finally, the general manager can have the utmost machine quality while making every dollar count. Play to win, with a Hustler.

 Rell  Length
(w baskets)
(outside reels)
(wheels base)
Height  Weight
(no reels)
 5" dia  2160mm
 445 Kg
(980 lbs)



- Easy to maintain and operate
- Reliable Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine
- Easy to adjust cutting units
- Lightweight and versatile all in one package
- Superior cut quality every time
- Bio-hydraulic fluid model available
- Simplicity to increase reliability
- Outstanding operator visibility
- Interchangeable cutting units


Number of Blades:

11 blades - greens, front throw discharge only (model #929729)
7 blades - tee & approach, front/rear throw discharge changeable (model #929745)

Reel Speed:
2200 rpm at full engine speed of 2950 rpm, frequency of clip 11k - 0.044 @ 1mph
(0.071 @ 1kmh) Cutting Width: 60 inches (provided by 3 reel assemblies)

Cutting Heights:

.060 inch to 1.0 inches (1.53mm to 25.4mm) (dependent on bedknife installed)
front roller is fully adjustable both ends thru cut range,
rear roller is 3 position adjustable depending on cut range
to maintain optimum angle of attack. Adjustment provided
for rear roller and bedknife parallel.


* 3 year or 1500 hour limited warranty


(*see your local hustler dealer for complete warranty details)



Backlap Kit

Light Kit

Light Guard Kit

Arm Rest

3WD Kit

Traction Tyres

Front Roller Scrapers

Leak Detection

Powered Groomer

Powered Rear Roller Brush

Rear Roller Scraper

Front Rollers - smooth, grooved, grooming

Hear From Owners

"The 1500 gives me the ability to change the aggressiveness of the cut without changing out the bedknife. This machine is the only unit in the industry that allows me to do this. This adjustability allows me to optimize the quality of cut for the conditions of my greens."
- R. Kipper - Chenago Supply

Part's Manual (IPL) Mower Owner's Manual
Part's Manual (IPL) 5" Reels Service Manual