Friday, 20-09-2019

Buying Guide
Mowing Equipment

Greens Mowers:
Walk Behind. 4022 Walk Behind Greens Mower, built with the operator and mechanic in mind.


Hustler 1500 Greens Mower powered by a B&S Vanguard engine, 11 blade cutting units, Bio hydraulic Oil with Oil Cooler and a multitude of optional accessories

Fairway Mowers:
Hustler 7700 Fairway Mower with either 11 Blade or 9 Blade cutting units. Back lap as standard, 4WD, diff lock and more

Rough & Landscape Mowers:
Hustler 3700 Out Front with choice of 60" or 72" cutting decks, 4WD, toughest machine in its class. Range of optional accessories available.

Bunker & Bank Mowers:
HoverMower. 16" & 19" Honda Powered HoverMower designed for Bunkers, Embankments, Dam edges and more.

Bunker Rake:

Renovation Equipment

Dethatching Equipment:
Ryan. Mataway Dethacther is designed to improve the quality of your turf by removing dead grass, roots and debris.

Turf Cutting Equipment:
Ryan. Heavy Duty Sod Cutters come in 16" and 18" cutting widths and powered by reliable Honda Engines.
Ryan. JR Sod Cutting Machine in 18" cutting width also powered by Honda engines

Coring Equipment:

Ryan Lawnaire 28 is a Cam driven, Vetically coring, and Honda Powered Greens Coring machine. Doing up to 24,000 sq ft per hour.

Ryan 36" Tow behind or 48" Three Point Hitch corers are designed to make light work or your fairways, Turf Farms, Sports Fields, Racing Tracks and more. Tracaire and Renovaire Models.

Home & Rental:
Billy Goat. PR550H is a Honda powered Dethatching unit designed to improve the health of your lawn.
Billy Goat. AE401H is a Honda Powered Aerator.
Billy Goat. SC121H 12" Sod Cutter is perfect for home or light commercial use. Honda powered.
Ryan. Lawnaire V Plus is the perfect soil penetration machine for Hire, Home or light commercial use.

Hand Held Power Equipment

Line Trimmers:
Maruyama. RS Range in 2 Stroke or Honda powered 4 Stroke
Bushranger. PU Range in 2 Stroke or Honda powered 4 Stroke

Brush cutters:
Maruyama. HRS Range in 2 Stroke or Honda powered 4 Stroke
Bushranger. BC Range in 2 Stroke or Honda powered 4 Stroke
Efco. DS Range with powerful 2 stroke engines.

Maruyama. Hand held and Back Pack 2 Stroke commercial Blowers.
Bushranger. Hand held BR34 2 Stroke Blower.
Efco. Italian designed SA3000 2 stroke Blower.
Oleo Mac. BV300 Italian designed 2 stroke blowers.
Oleo Mac & Efco back pack blowers.

Chain Saws:
Efco. Full range of Commercial and domestic Chainsaws.
Maruyama. Top handle lopping saw. Japanese built.

Pole Saws:
Efco. PTX2700 Telescopic Pole Saw. Articulated Head.

Water Pumps:
Efco. PA1030. Poly and Stainless steel pump components. 2 Stroke Powered and light weight.

Debris Collectors:
Billy Goat. Full range of domestic and commercial Vacuums. Debris Loaders and more.

Water Pressure Cleaners: